Mafia2 – Mission Timer Limits Removed Main Story Including Dlc’s All 3

Initial Release.

Replace C:\\<mafia2>\\PC\\SDS\\Tables\\tables.sds with the one in this archive. Will overwrite any replaced tables.sds that is there.

Works in Main Story, Joes Adventure, Betrayal of Jimmy, Jimmy’s Vandetta.

Doesn’t actually remove the time limit. But gives more then 2 hours to do a mission. Which, unless you drag your knuckles with your club. I’m pretty sure 2 hours+ is enough time.

For anyone who is wondering. When you  edit the tables.sds, look for DifficultyParams.xml

Then change:

id=”1″ value=”x”


id=”1″ value=”0.000000000001″

(Yes all of them, about 6 in total)

Since I was able to unpack the LUAQ scripts and have a poke around (No you can’t repacked them back, at least not as I know of). I found the math equation to do the timers. So, upset that I couldn’t repack the LUA back into the game. (Due to misaligned function headers when re-compiled lua) I went for a poke around for a few hours poking around the game. And, well it was simple. After seeing the math from the decompiled LUAQ’s. I noticed its not higher values, but lower values that needed to be placed in the value field. I’m guess this is just incase anyone went poking around. Or using a programme like Cheat Engine to edit the running memory.

So there you go. Follow the installation instructions or manually do it yourself.

** Updated…

First Mission of Joe’s Adventure, where you race to the train station. The timer is still active. This is because it is a tutorial level and the timer is hard coded in the LUAQ script. All other mission timers are super duper extended.

Authors: Do this off my own back. Wanted to play the DLC's without having to worry about the timer. But not without the help of Ricks Tool, credits to the guy 
Mafia2 – Mission Timer Limits Removed Main Story Including Dlc’s All 3 Download -

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