Mafia2 – Jimmy’s Vendetta DLC

Tutorial Mission

  • Too Good to be True

 Gravina Crime Family Missions

  • Lost in Transit
  • Trash Trailer
  • The Good Word
  • Tanker Trouble
  • I Got the Stones
  • In Defense of the Prosecution
  • The Lobotomy
  • Capo Capping
  • Account Closed
  • The Don

 Brodie Gang Missions

  • Calling Card
  • Taking the Mick
  • Paddy Wagon
  • Sound dand Furry
  • Pass the Potcheen
  • The Red Hand Gang
  • Cut the Blarney!
  • Revolution
  • To Trap a Trapper
  • Tam in a Jam

 Vehicle Theft Missions

  • Shubert Pickup Theft
  • Smith Coupe Theft
  • Hank Fuel Truck Theft
  • Shubert Beverly Theft
  • Shubert Hearse Theft
  • GAI 353 Military Truck Theft
  • Berkley Kingfisher Theft
  • Jeffersdon Provincial Theft
  • Potomac Indian Theft
  • Walker Rocket Theft
  • Police Bus Theft
  • Ascot Bailey Theft

 Final Mission

  • The Big Boss


  1. Run “Jimmys_Vendetta.exe”
  2. Set game directory
  3. Press start
  4. If setup needs password: “mafiamodsturkey”
  5. Done
  6. If it’s just an infinite loading screen, you should install update THIS LINK

Jimmy’s Vendetta DLC download (Orginal Link)

Authors: 2K Games 

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