Mafia2 – Cops Mod/Collection

This is a collection of scripts/mods, plugins and trainers. This is meant to have all the basic tools needed for roleplay in Mafia 2, primarily the police, hence the name.

I am looking for more experienced script making people and people that want to help improve upon this!


1. Follow Installation folder in number order! Should be simple if you know how to drag and drop without screwing up your game.

If it says it is a virus, I assure you it is not. It is because of the trainers included.



Authors: Milly, Y.U.S.I.K, dR.oLLe, Draconio, insus100, dandwell, Spencer & Hill, JackSnow, Nemesis7675, Unknown, ORESAMA2199, ALIGATOR JOE/BLACK JACK 
Mafia2 – Cops Mod/Collection Download -

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  1. Max says:

    Can you make a mod to replace Vito Na Jimmy Vendetta?

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