Mafia2 – Betrayal of Jimmy DLC

 Sal Gravina Missions

  • Bad Valet
  • Acts of God
  • Dirty Daniel
  • Blowing Cover
  • Crossing the Styx
  • Rat Catcher
  • Brother and Keeper

 Tam Brodie Missions

  • Time to Think
  • Asian Customs
  • Prohibition
  • Golden Fist Tournament
  • Party Pooper
  • Rogue Traders
  • Tit for Tat
  • Your Ma!
  • Asian Assassin Assassination
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Fix the Fixers
  • Bang Bang Chicken

 Vehicle Theft Missions

  • Culver Empire Theft
  • Smith Custom Police Theft
  • Houston Wasp Theft
  • Hank B Truck Theft
  • Lassiter Series 75 Hollywood Theft
  • Shubert Frigate Theft
  • Smith Thunderbolt Theft
  • Shubert Armored Van Theft
  • ISW 508 Theft

 Final Mission

  • A Rich Reward
  1. Run “Betrayal_of_Jimmy.exe”
  2. Set game directory
  3. Press start
  4. If setup needs password: “mafiamodsturkey”
  5. Done
  6. If it’s just an infinite loading screen, you should install update THIS LINK

Betrayal of Jimmy DLC download (Orginal link)

Authors: 2K Games 

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