Mafia – Traffic Mod

Traffic Mod.

A script mod that drastically increases the variety and number of vehicles on the road in Free Ride.
Now there are 75 cars in the area when you play Freeride Day in the city and still 4 cars a scene in the country. During the night in the city there will be 22 cars in the area and 2 cars a scene in country night.
Also there are 75% of regular cars on the road and 25% luxury cars.
This mod changes the car’s speed in the city so the cars won’t go at 28 mph or 32 km/h, now the cars will go 35 mph or 55km/h in the city during the day and night. But in the country there will be still be cars going at 28 mph or 32km/h.
So there you have it: faster cars & realistic amounts of traffic. Now the city will be alive Day & Night.

Required Mafia Data Xtractor

Authors: MattyDienhoff & Dr.Eviltag 
Mafia – Traffic Mod Download -

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