Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven – Unreal Story V1.0

Unreal Story mod for Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.

In this mod, Tommy will be in the skin of a sailor.

The mod was remade from an old, half-forgotten small modification that was accidentally discovered on the computer, slightly improved, which was then remade into a competitive modification that can be passed for a while.

Mission objective: Help other sailors (companions) to deal with gangsters, but in a rather unusual way…

What should I do?
Just get in the car, stick the barrel of the tommigan out the window – and mess with the bandits to the fullest. You can get out of the car. The driver will deliver Tommy to each batch place. Tommy’s health is unlimited, and so are his brothers, but you still need to make sure that some smart kid doesn’t accidentally pull one of them out of the car and put a sawn – off pill in it, because it will be a “game-over”. If the car with Tommy and the guys flies out of the city while flying over the city, press the extra jump button (JUMP1), which is valid up to four times per game (for each destroyed gang). The destruction of each gang ends with the final jump of the wheelbarrow into the opponent’s wheelbarrow from the sailor-driver, and a moment before that, for the convenience of passing, the game will be saved (sometimes there may be a departure, depending on the intensity of the kneading process, so you will have to start the competition again if the saving does not happen (before the destruction of the first gang) or if you can not save from the save, which was rare during the test). After all the gangs are destroyed, Tommy will be taken to the starting point, where the final score of the game will be shown, which must be recorded by the “Fraps” program.

Authors: Михаил Орлов a.k.a. alive-bars 
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