Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven – Liaz 677 M Bus Mod

Liaz 677 M bus mod for Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.

Popular Russian bus late 60-ies. For its time it was the advanced design: air suspension, automatic gear box, large Windows, wide doors, low footboard, and very warm Salon.
This bus passengers loved-for warmth and comfort, goes smoothly.
And here are the drivers-not really. And it was for that. Carburettor engine ZIL-375Â7 V8 (Zil-130)
rated at 180 HP was a little weak for buses with GVW of over 14 tons, besides spent a lot of petrol and was very noisy.
Especially difficult given this lengthy bus upgrades: machine crawling uphill at speeds of 20-30 km/h
first gear (they only had two), engine roared so that it was impossible to talk in the cabin, and in the front part of it at all be it was scary, it seemed
the motor is about to explode and the crowded bus, exhausted, rapidly roll back down. Also a “hallmark” of this bus were huge banks on turns-layman they are cool, especially when the frightened passengers, unable to resist the whole mass of nalegali to the opposite turn wall of the cabin. But overturning has not happened-suspension his job.
In summer often overheated engine, sometimes due to the fact that the enormous radiator from becoming blocked by dust and dirt and clean it was laziness, or due to the fact that the radiator at all
is not very good, and bad blown by air flow.

Replaces: in the Bolt Hearse.
Required RW Data Patch download

Authors: Screper 
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