Mafia – Ghost Patch

Ghost Patch for Mafia.

Mafia Ghost Patch is finally here! I wish pleasant fun!

And here it is! Here is the final version of my unofficial patch Mafia Ghost Patch. I would like to thank all those involved in the development, as well as those who granted rights on some modifications.

Patch adds the following to the game:

1. New roads 2. New pavements 3. New barrels 4. New loading bar (Mafia log bar when loading) 5. New window design 6. New design of cigarettes (Lucky Strike) 7. New sky 8. New pharmacy 9. New trees 10. New skins for Tom, Paulie, Sam 11. New sounds (Guns, Car Shocks, and More Details) 12. New police uniforms 13. New music in menu 14. New Salieri´s bar design 15. New textures in city and circuit 16. Added police and gangsters into countryside 17. Added buildings from story into freeride 18. Added Widescreen fix 19. New HUD interface

Authors: GhostCZ 
Mafia – Ghost Patch Download -

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