Mafia 3 – The Downtown Mafia Reshade

The Downtown Mafia Reshade Mod.

The go-to Reshade Preset! Removes the awful blur effect, adjusts the colours to make it more realistic, and further increases the quality of the overworld. Go to downtown to see the best changes

How to Install:

1. Go to and download it.

2. Open the reshade .exe installer and click the big button and locate your game .exe and open it (you can find your .exe where you installed your game, make sure you don’t choose the launcher, just the game).

3. Select the DirectX 10+ option. 3. Click yes for any prompts (ex:- Download presets)

4. Open your game and wait, it might be a bit unresponsive at first.

5. Press Shift+F2, and follow the tutorial.

6. To complete the tutorial, click the + button, write in a name for the preset, like “tdm”. Click continue till there’s no red boxes and so the tutorial is over.

7. Click a checkbox or two, if you don’t, the tdm.ini won’t be saved (doesn’t matter, any box). Now close the game.

8. Open the downloaded preset from this page, and select everything (Ctrl+A) and copy everything (Ctrl+C thereafter), and paste it in the tdm.ini file in the game directory and save the changes. Now open the game again and voila, the unresponsive start as the shaders are loaded will always be there and it’s normal. The graphics will now be of this preset.

Authors: jiehpollo 
Mafia 3 – The Downtown Mafia Reshade Download -

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