Mafia 3 – Roll Down Windows Script

Roll Down Windows Script Mod.

So, I decided to update the roll down windows script for Mafia 3. Turns out, they were the same functions! Minus some simplification of the exact function itself!

This features both “Auto” versions and “Full Control” version.

Auto Feature: When in a car, press F1 to reload scripts and automatically roll down the driver window.

Keys: CAN BE REMAPPED! Open “Open Window.lua” in Notepad and edit the keys from there!

Full Control Features: The keys listed are the numbers above your QWERTY keys. 1 – Open driver window. 2 – Open passenger window 5 – Open Left backseat window 6 – Open Right backseta window 7 – Close driver window 8 – Close passenger window 9 – Close left back window 0 – Close right back window.

Authors: Vladimir Shittin 
Mafia 3 – Roll Down Windows Script Download -

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