Mafia 3 – Resource Explorer

Resource Explorer Mod.

What is this?

  • This tool allows you to replace any textures from Mafia III with any other textures
  • Using this, you can make endless mods for clothing, hair, skin, audio, etc.

ex: Change Mafia 3 title screen wallpaper to anything!

ex: Change Lincoln’s hair!

How to use?

  1. Open “ResourceExplorer” application
  2. Click “Open Archive” and go to “D:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Mafia III/sds_retail/combinables” (If you’re running a non-Steam version, go to your “/Mafia III/sds_retail/combinables” folder, wherever it may be)
  3. For texture files go to “auto” or “auto_unique” for NPC textures & Lincoln Clay’s textures
  4. Make sure to backup all files!

Good to Know:

  • ma= male
  • fe= female
  • he= hero (aka Lincoln)


Q: How do I change Lincoln Clay to play as [insert any ped]?

A: In order to change Lincoln Clay & play as X you have to edit “spawnprofiles.sds” located at “Mafia III/sds_retail/combinables”

Tip: Use the “save0.sav” file to see what the outfit id’s are. Location for the “save0.sav” file is “C:/Users/YourUSERNAME/AppData/Local/2K Games/Mafia III/Data/Profile#/gamesaves/default/aslot”. You have to use HxD Hex Editor to open “save0.sav”. After opening the “save0.sav” file, search for “spawnProfile” since that’s the player model.

Q: How do I replace a texture mod?

A: This is what I did for Zombie Lincoln Clay mod’s head: I found a beat up/bloody male head model. I opened up the male head’s sds file and saved all .dds file individually to a new folder on my desktop. Then I opened up “4238483006-he_basebody-b_scar” found in “auto_unique” and renamed all the male’s head .dds files to lincoln’s head files. DO NOT REPLACE the .dds files that have a black line in the texture previews! Keep the default .dss files that look like black lines or else the model will be unstable/buggy! After replacing .dds files, I clicked on “Save Archive” and got a new “4238483006-he_basebody-b_scar” file. I pasted it in “Mafia III/sds_retail/combinables/auto_unique” and was done.

Tip: You should click on “Save Archive” every time you replace a .dds file since Mafia III Resource Explorer might crash sometimes.

Authors: y.u.s.i.k 
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