Mafia 3 – Lincon Cop

Lincon Cop mod for Mafia 3.

New Bordeaux’s got a history of crooked, racist cops, but they needed to reach out and diversify. Welcome to the newest member of the force, Lincon Clay!

This is a simple texture mod that replaces the Fed outfit to that of one of a New Bordeaux police Uniform. As this is my first mod, I don’t really know what I’m doing, so, if you have any feedback or advise, please, don’t hesitate to give it!

Disclaimer: Always back up your files before modding the game. But, to make things a bit easier, I included a back up of the original files within this mod.

I have created this using Mafia 3 Definitive Edition, and therefore, I have no idea if it will work on the regular edition of the game.

This is simply a skin mod for the Fed outfit, this is NOT a full police conversion mod like G17’s famous First Response series. As such, police will still react to you and attack you as normal, and you cannot arrest people or issue tickets or the like, and driving a police car will still get you a wanted level.

If you do want to roleplay as a cop using this skin, all power to you. I would suggest getting a trainer, I personally use the +18 from gamepressure, and turning on “stealth mode” or “invisablity mode” (different trainers call them different things), so the police won’t attack you.

Known Issues: – Colours are off. I can’t seem to get them right, will require feedback to get it them right. – Badges are not shiny. I can’t workout how the roughness maps work, so I couldn’t get them shiny. – Trousers/Pants are incorrect. I couldn’t figure out how to colour them, at all. Help would be appresiated. – No hat. I don’t know how to add the police hat to Lincon. – The name tag is wrong. I didn’t edit it.

Authors: mca0004 
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