Mafia 3 – Custom License Plate

Custom License Plate Mod.

Required Scripthook


  1. Drag the file called “Custom License Plate” found in the mod’s .zip file to “D:Program Files (x86)Steam/steamapps/common/Mafia III/scripts (If you’re running a non-Steam version, drag it to your “Mafia III/scripts” folder, wherever it may be)
  2. Right click on “Custom License Plate” & open with notepad
  3. Where it says “Mafia3” write anything you want (example: “Vito”), exit & save the lua file
  4. Launch Mafia III and get in-game
  5. Press “Alt+Tab” to minimize the game
  6. Run “M3ScriptHookLauncher”
  7. Return to the Mafia III window (Alt+Enter to make game fullscreen)
  8.  Resume the game
  9. Press “f1” on the keyboard to activate the script
  10. Enjoy.
Authors: Modded Games 
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