Mafia 3 – Black Clothes Pack

Black Clothes Pack mod for Mafia 3.

  • This mod makes Lincoln a “man in black.” Three shirts – hawaiian, t-shirt and sleeveless shirt – are painted black. You can replace only one of the shirts.


T-shirt: -Replace “1431322681-he_shirt_003.sds” in “Mafia III/sds_retail/combinables/auto_unique”

Hawaiian: -Replace “he_shirt_008_hawaiian_he_shirt_008_hawaiian.sds” in “Mafia III/sds_retail/combinables/auto”

Tanktop: -Replace “3542442041-he_undershirt_001.sds” in “Mafia III/sds_retail/combinables/auto_unique”

Authors: discohouse57 
Mafia 3 – Black Clothes Pack Download -

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