Mafia 2 – Weapon Pack (Big Guns)

Weapon Pack “Big Guns” mod for Mafia 2.

1. Pistols.
1) “Mauser” has dark shabby building with dark wooden handle
2) “1911 Solt has a matte texture (black)
3) “Colt Revolver” is the silver texture and light-wood handle
4) “Magnum” is grey and shabby housing
5) “Colt 1911 Modified” has a gold body and mahogany handle
2. Rifles.
1) “Shotgun” has dark scratched and faded wooden parts
2) “K98” has gray worn body and pale wooden parts
3) “M1 Garand” has dark wooden pieces and dark scratched metal parts
3. Machines.
1) “Schmeisser” (aka MP-40) received the wooden parts (handle and side), as well as dark shabby housing
2 the “M3”) has a dark scratched casing
3) “Beretta” has dark wooden pieces and faded metal parts.

This mod replaces the file weapons.sds. I.e. all the weapons will be standard, but generally replaced.

Authors: Bear_Grylls, Сёма 
Mafia 2 – Weapon Pack (Big Guns) Download -

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  • June 3, 2022 at 4:27 pm

    Where can i download the mods?


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