Mafia 2 – Vaz-2108 V3.0

Vaz-2108 car mod for Mafia 2.


-Dirt, mapping
-When the rain drops, kicking from the body
-Working janitors,
-Working steering wheel,
-The character’s Hands on the steering wheel,
-Working rooms,
-Working power Windows,
-In the event of an accident and explosion of glass broken,
-Customized vinyls,
-New engine and muffler on 3-m tuning, as well as the arrow is added to the tachometer,
-Replaces Berkley Kingfisher.

Version 3:

Machine adapted to wheel mod
-Added Kit when installing 3-th tuning.

Authors: GTA San Andreas, agens 
Mafia 2 – Vaz-2108 V3.0 Download -

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