Mafia 2 – Vaz-2107 Car Mod

Vaz-2107 car mod for Mafia 2.


-Two versions, winter and summer,
-Dirt mapping (winter and summer)
-Its a conflict,
-Accidents and explosion of glass broken,
-Configured and ported the petrol tank cars,
-Working steering wheel,
-The character’s Hands on the steering wheel,
-All characters correctly in the car sit
-Real reflection in the mirrors,
-Working janitors,
-Customized vinyls,
-When installing the 3-th tuning changes the engine and muffler,
-Adaptation for trunk mod (under development)
-Rear-wheel drive,
-Working front suspension,
-Replaces: Chaffeque and Chaffeque (in winter).

Installing textures (look in the edit folder, then materials and see screenshot):
Run the utility combines. mtl fashion with your default.mtl.
P.s. program running in the background, so there is no pressing need. Once launched, and all established itself.

Authors: GTA SA, agens 
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