Mafia 2 – Ferrari Laferrari Car Mod

Ferrari Laferrari Car Mod.

This mod requires the Man Made Pack dlc.
If you plan to use the Trainer Mod Menu, install the Trainer Mod BEFORE installing this mod!


This mod replaces the Roller GL300 with a 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari.

Working steering wheel,
Hands of the character on the steering wheel
Operating wiper
Enhanced reflection in the mirrors
Setting cars close to the original
Alloy wheels Ferrari (new wheels pack)
Replaces Roller (Made Man pack)
“Original Backup” folder is included if you want to uninstall this mod


Scroll down to the “Installation” section to learn how to install this mod.


  1. Copy the ferrari mods “pc” folder & paste to Mafia II directory (replace if asked)
  2. Copy the ferrari mods “edit” folder & paste to Mafia II directory (replace if asked)
  3. Go to “Mafia II/edit/materials” & run “MafiaIIMaterialsMerger.exe”
  4. If you have the “Friends for Life” mod copy the roller files from “Ferrari Mod/pc/dlcs/cnt_made_man/sds/cars” and paste to “Mafia II/pc/dlcs/cnt_made_man/sds/cars”

Bonus: To remove all cars from streets go to “Mafia II/pc/sds/traffic” and remove all content in the folder, move it back when your done

Bonus: You can use the wiper & car blinkers with the Trainer Mod Menu, the controls are below:

Turn right blinker – NUMPAD 6
Turn left blinker – NUMPAD 4
Turn on / off headlights – NUMPAD 5
Turn on / off windshield wipers – NUMPAD 2

Authors: Modded Games 
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