Mafia 2 – Change Car Color Lua Script Mod

Change Car Color Lua Script Mod.

This script requires you to take action after you have activated it with the function key:

  • Press 1 to turn your car red.
  • Press 2 to turn your car purple.
  • Press 3 to turn your car lime green.
  • Press 4 to turn your car dark green.
  • Press 5 to turn your car pink.
  • Press 6 to turn your car cream.
  • Press 7 to turn your car emerald green.
  • Press 8 to turn your car indigo blue.
  • Press 9 to turn your car white.
  • Press 0 to turn your car light pink.

Need Lua Injector Program Download

Authors: Draconio 
Mafia 2 – Change Car Color Lua Script Mod Download -

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