How to Install Mafia 2 Mods?

The downloaded car modes for Mafia 2 are easy to install. Just browse through the installation steps for this.

  • Download a Mafia 2 mods to install.
  • Extract the ZIP or RAR file.
  • Search for SDS-type files in the “C > Program Files > Mafia 2 > sds” folder. For example, the file name of the loaded car is shubert_hearze_z.sds. Find it in the directory where the game is installed.
  • All car SDS files except DLC cars are located in Mafia2/SDS/cars folder.
  • After backing up the original SDS files, replace them with the SDS file of the downloaded mod.
  • Find the installed car during the game.
  • Can now use.

Don’t forget to back up your original SDS files.

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