Mafia Game Mods Mafia , Mafia 2 , Mafia 3


Mafia2 – Roman’s Taxi

Roman’s taxi from GTA IV – The steering wheel actually turns! This mod replaces Houston Wasp Also this package includes two versions: Empire Bay version – Without any stickers or other suff referencing Liberty...


Mafia2 – Trabant 601

Trabant 601 – popular car in Eastern Block, made in Eastern Germany Installation:Scroll down This mod replaces Walter Coupe The model was made by 3dhdscan Install: Installation is very simple – go to your...


Mafia3 – Real Italians

Gang Vito takes 2nd place in the city. But at the same time his people have no beards and mustaches. This mod adds facial hair to the Vito gansters. The first Rtanner grows a...


Mafia2 – Unused High Quality Taxi Interior

Unused high quality taxi interior was brought back to the game. Installation below Installation is very simple – go to your game’s directory, put given files to game files directory, merge all folders and...


Mafia2 – Moscardo AS37

A cut vehicle Moscardo AS37 Im sending my regards to T3mas1 and agens for helping me with this vehicle. Installation: Merge folders pc and edit and then go to edit/materials and run MafiaIIMaterialsMerger.exe


Mafia3 – Sit Down Save

For people who want to play game or DLC contents without play from beginning. 100% junction box (without sinclair parish) 100% collectable ( without vargas paint / repent ) All DLC contents used. Installation:...